Photo Scanning, Restoration and Colourising

Let us, expertly give you back, your memories.

Everybody has photos, slides and film (negatives/positives) tucked away in albums, trays, boxes, folders and in this digital age, on disk.

Unfortunately, not everyone really looks after their precious (irreplaceable) images and ephemera and over time it becomes damaged. In extreme cases it can be lost for all time.

If you've been meaning to do something about protecting your treasured memories, we can help you.


FREE scanning for all images submitted for restoration
(Minor / Medium / Complex, or Custom)
Now is the time to get your old pictures ready for the New Year.
... Just ask!

Over the years, we have restored literally thousands of pictures, slides and film (negatives / positives), at the same time ensuring their safety by digitising them and storing them electronically, where they're safe from nearly everything that would harm them.

Restoration / Enhancement Services we offer include:

  • Photographs Cropped, Straightened, Sharpened – Enlarged / Reduced
  • Colour / Tonal Balance restored / altered
  • Cracks, tears and stains removed
  • Exposure correction and Toning of Black and White (B&W) prints
  • Backgrounds enhanced / replaced
  • People / Objects added, removed or relocated
  • Cosmetic alterations – blemishes removed, physical enhancements, etc. ... Just ask!
  • Special Effects: B&W to Colour | Colour to B&W | Spot Colour | Sepia tinting | Vignetting and many, many more
  • Interactive Group Photos, see [iPics] on the [Services] page

In response to Client feedback, we now also offer Genealogical / Family Tree assistance, see [Genealogical Research] under the [Services] tab.

Take your time, explore our site, there's a lot to see, then contact us to find out exactly how we can help you preserve your past (securely), for the forseeable future.

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